About Us

Our Mission

ShomoLive is a social media platform designed to connect all of the parties involved in the live music ecosystem, - namely the local musicians, live music venues, and fans - and provide them with simple tools to book, manage, promote, and track their live shows and other events. ShomoLive was developed to fill a huge void in local live music communities, using the web to simplify and streamline live music related activities.

Our Story

ShomoLive was born out of the founder’s own frustrations with the way in which live music has been booked between do-it-yourself musicians and venue owners, which more often than not has been highly cumbersome and inconvenient for everyone involved . Tasks such as making blind phone calls, getting a hold of the right person, contacting the other members of the band to find out everyone’s availability, hammering out all of the details of a show (when to show up, what sound gear do we need to bring, how are we getting paid, etc) are all things that nobody wants or has the time to be dealing with. There had to be a better way – and that is how ShomoLive was born.

Over the last several years, many aspects of the music industry have been migrating online and adapting to the digital and online age. However, none of these have filled the need for local artists and venues to connect and book shows. Sure, there are a plethora of music sites out there focused on digital distribution, music discovery, ticketing for large national acts, and tools for already successful bands to hook up with big time promoters, but there is no tool that focuses on the relationship between local musicians and the local venues who rely on live music to keep their bar or club thriving. We are not talking about bands that tour around the country living the rock star lifestyle, we are talking about the millions of bands that are looking for a way out of their basements. Bands that love to play out around town, but just don’t have the resources to go about contacting venues and organizing shows the “old fashioned” way. This is a lot of work. And for it to get done, someone in the band has to step up or else you will never get out of the basement.

What about the venue owner that can’t afford to hire a high priced booking agent to handle all of their live music, but wants to support local music and has bands on a Friday and Saturday night. The bar owner or manager has enough to worry about, like whether or not those kegs are going to show up on time or whether or not their cook is going to show up, the last thing they want to do is deal with live music.

ShomoLive simplifies the entire process of connecting local artists and venues, communication, booking, and promotion for live shows. Doing it yourself has never been so easy. With the help of ShomoLive it’s now time to get out of the basement and on to the stage!!!